Our commitment to education and practice has been world-wide. Susanne has lectured for over 40 years on occupational therapy, child development and sensory integration in the following countries with continued commitment to supporting families through building knowledge and skills in these areas: SEE WHERE I’VE BEEN





CLASI is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Susanne Smith Roley and Dr. Zoe Mailloux in order to provide innovative education and research opportunities for professionals, specifically related to advancing knowledge within sensory integration theory and practice. CLASI provides education, scholarship, and mentorship in Ayres Sensory Integration® theory and practice through both online and in-person courses. For specific course offerings please visit the link below.

Sensory Integration and the Child: 25th Anniversary Edition
By A. Jean Ayres

American Occupational Therapy Association. (2015). Occupational therapy for children and youth using sen- sory integration theory and methods in school-based practice. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 69(Suppl. 3), 6913410040.
(Hard copy of SI Schools 2015 document is uploaded for website)


Schaaf, R. C., Burke, J. P., Cohn, E., May-Benson, T. A., Schoen, S. A., Roley, S. S., . . . Mailloux, Z. (2014). The Issue Is— State of measurement in occupational therapy using sensory integration. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68, e149–e153.


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