Occupational Therapy is a practical health care profession that focuses on the way in which meaningful engagement in activities promote development, independence, well-being, and quality of life. In pediatric practice, occupational therapists examine participation in the needed and desired activities that occupy a child’s daily life, including those required as a student, playmate, and family member.  Occupational therapists have expertise in their ability to analyze activities to understand underlying skills and abilities that affect daily performance such as sensory-perceptual skills, motor skills, praxis, emotional regulation, and social development.


Occupational therapy intervention includes direct service with the client, employing specific evidence-based therapeutic methods, such as sensory integration methods, collaboration with caregivers to adapt the environment, modifying the task, or teach specific skills, and community education in order to benefit the lives of clients by supporting their participation in daily activities.


Official Website: http://www.aota.org/About-Occupational-Therapy.aspx