When we schedule an evaluation for a child, we consider ourselves invited guests in the private lives of the family.   During each evaluation we infuse knowledge, skills, and professional judgment to give the best understanding of a child’s strengths and participation challenges, and practical solutions to address the presenting concerns.  Our aim is to understand each child within the context of daily life and to provide helpful insights and recommendations that result from our expertise.

What we provide:

The OT evaluation process consists of data collection from multiple assessments and records in order to obtain a well-rounded picture of the child’s abilities.  We strive to include information from each of the primary caregivers with whom they often spend large portions of their day.  All information is handled with utmost sensitivity and according to HIPPA rules.

What to expect:

We will ask for a lot of information to obtain the best picture possible of the child.

Records (electronic copies preferred):


  1. Personal/Contact information
  2. Medical records
  3. Previous OT evaluations/reports
  4. School records including current placement and IEP
  5. Any other relevant reports/documents from psychologists, behaviorists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, etc.



2-hour appointment for performance evaluation at Centerpointe for Children clinic, Irvine, CA.:


  1. Structured and unstructured assessments selected according to child’s abilities
    • Tests administered in a child-friendly fashion
    • Sensory regulatory breaks provided as needed
  2. Caregiver interview
  3. Observations of the client’s performance, environments, and contexts



Questionnaires to be completed


  1. Parent Information and Background History (all)
  2. Additional questionnaires to be completed by caregiver and in some cases teacher may include:
    • Sensory Processing Measure
    • Adaptive Behavior Assessment Scale
    • Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning
  3. School or Home visit (if needed)

*Forms will be provided to the primary contact person for the child once the evaluation has been scheduled

Report with Recommendations:


Interpretation of assessment data results in an intervention plan including recommendations for services and referrals when appropriate.


Goals and objectives as a result of occupational therapy services include improvement in one or more of the following areas of occupation:


  1. Activities of Daily Living including self-care skills
  2. Rest and Sleep
  3. Education
  4. Work
  5. Play
  6. Leisure
  7. Social Participation

Release of Information

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New Client Inquiry Form

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Background & Occupational History

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